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Blakemere Village, Chester Road,
Sandiway, Northwich,
Cheshire, CW8 2EB

We are an independent pet shop in Northwich offering a dog subscription box, an online shop, and a dog-friendly store. We specialise in dogs, cats and wildlife, with a focus on local and handmade, UK made, ethical, natural, high quality products. 

Some Customer Observations!

Ginger&Browns Blog

Our blog on wildlife, dogs, cats, pets, health, nutrition, and interesting animal related topics. Ginger&Browns is an independent UK pet store offering a monthly dog subscription box, an online store, and a dog-friendly store located in Northwich, near Chester and Frodsham, Cheshire.

Some Customer Observations!

Josh Beeston

We can hear what people are saying as they walk past or around the shop, and some of the things are really really lovely to hear! However we have had two particular comments that multiple people have said, or asked us directly: "are you part of a chain", or "how did you get a job here".

There is both delight and disappointment for us in these comments or questions; on the one hand people aren't getting the feeling that we are a couple of twenty-something year olds who have set this up with the support and help of friends and family, we really want to tell everyone who comes in "Look at what we've done! We laid the flooring ourselves, we made those tables, we've been planning this for over a year!" we're so excited and proud... But on the other hand, it means that people are walking in and assuming that professionals have done this, so shouldn't that make us just as proud? We react to the second comment in the same way - through wanting to tell people what we've done - it seems when you're so proud of something, it's hard to be humble! We want to say "We have this job because we own the shop! We're not employees!" but then we should be taking pride in the assumption that we are too young to have done this.

The sense of achievement and feeling of pride is great, and we're so pleased that people like what we have done, but by shopping with us, you're supporting us, and the UK producers that we support.