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Blakemere Village, Chester Road,
Sandiway, Northwich,
Cheshire, CW8 2EB

We are an independent pet shop in Northwich offering a dog subscription box, an online shop, and a dog-friendly store. We specialise in dogs, cats and wildlife, with a focus on local and handmade, UK made, ethical, natural, high quality products. 

The Badger Hunt!

Ginger&Browns Blog

Our blog on wildlife, dogs, cats, pets, health, nutrition, and interesting animal related topics. Ginger&Browns is an independent UK pet store offering a monthly dog subscription box, an online store, and a dog-friendly store located in Northwich, near Chester and Frodsham, Cheshire.

The Badger Hunt!

Josh Beeston

Not literally a hunt, but the four of us sitting and watching, waiting for the badgers to wake up for the evening!

We are aware of a few badger sets and fox dens either near our homes or the Ginger&Browns shop, having placed our camera-traps to watch these animals' homes day and night, we had begun to notice their patterns, what time they wake up, what time they go to bed etc. So the four of us quietly walked down into a woodland near Frodsham, and made our way to a bank that we could sit on, looking across over a footpath to the opposite bank where there's a badger set of at-least 4 individuals. One is blind in one eye, and so is easily distinguished, we've named him Bodger, there are then two smaller badgers that are much thinner in the face, we suspect they are females. The final badger is a definite male, and its vision seems intact.

As we sit, trying to remain comfortable, being bitten by the mosquitoes and gnats, and as the light becomes too poor to take a good photograph, we can see the top of a badger's head shuffling about at the entrance to the set. A second badger runs from the field above down to the bank and disappears, and then we are treated to a badger - possibly the same as the first - leaving the set for a minute or so and exploring the area around the entrance, sniffing the air - we had just had a curry so no doubt it knew we were there!