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Blakemere Village, Chester Road,
Sandiway, Northwich,
Cheshire, CW8 2EB

We are an independent pet shop in Northwich offering a dog subscription box, an online shop, and a dog-friendly store. We specialise in dogs, cats and wildlife, with a focus on local and handmade, UK made, ethical, natural, high quality products. 

How to Win Yourself a Quiet Moment!

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Our blog on wildlife, dogs, cats, pets, health, nutrition, and interesting animal related topics. Ginger&Browns is an independent UK pet store offering a monthly dog subscription box, an online store, and a dog-friendly store located in Northwich, near Chester and Frodsham, Cheshire.

How to Win Yourself a Quiet Moment!

Josh Beeston

We all know dogs can be tiring, especially puppies! So we thought we'd give you an easy way to give yourself a quiet half hour, or even longer! We recommend using this frozen Kong to feed your dog it's dinner or breakfast. You can also use it as a good way to relax your dog and calm them down, as a way to keep your dog occupied whilst you entertain guests, or to place in a crate with your dog to help them build positive associations with being separated from you! There are so many good uses for this! So if you need that quiet time from your dog, here's what to do!

Step 1. Use your dog's wet food, or if you only use dry, soak the dry kibble in warm water until it can be mushed up with a fork.

Step 2. Use a spoon or fork to place this into the Kong! If you need a particularly high-value Kong, to help you in more difficult scenarios, you can always swap the food for extra tasty things!

Step 3. Wrap the Kong in clingfilm and place it in the freezer. If you have multiple Kongs, make up a whole batch in one go so you can grab one at any time!

Step 4. Once fully frozen, remove the clingfilm, rinse quickly under cold water to prevent your dog's tongue sticking to the Kong, then give it to your dog!

Step 5. Whilst your dog is enjoying their long-lasting, frozen treat or dinner, you can have that well deserved cup of tea!

We've put a short video together to demonstrate how we make ours! If you're mixing dry and wet food, you may not even need to soak the dry food - just mix it in among the wet!

You can also freeze bananas, carrots and other vegetables for your dog! Remember some fruit and veg such as grapes and onions are toxic for your dog, but if you do your research you can find some fantastic healthy snacks for your dog - Fern and Mally will work harder for blackberries then they will for normal treats!