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Blakemere Village, Chester Road,
Sandiway, Northwich,
Cheshire, CW8 2EB

We are an independent pet shop in Northwich offering a dog subscription box, an online shop, and a dog-friendly store. We specialise in dogs, cats and wildlife, with a focus on local and handmade, UK made, ethical, natural, high quality products. 

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Ideas, Products and Gifts for Dogs!

Shop online at Ginger&Browns. Ginger&Browns shop for dogs, cats and wildlife, located in Cheshire, at Blakemere Village, Northwich. We sell local, hand made, UK made, ethical, natural, high quality products. Great pet shop, good for presents, gifts, for Christmas & Birthday, not on the high street in a physical store! Ginger&Browns is an independent pet shop in Northwich, near Chester and Frodsham, Cheshire. Specialising in dogs, cats and wildlife. We sell local, handmade, UK made, ethical, natural, and high quality pet supplies. Presents and gifts are also available for Christmas and birthdays, and you can shop in store and online. With beautiful Cheshire dog walks right next to our shop, woods and fields to walk in, and water for your dog at the end, you can really enjoy the day out with your dog. There are also over 30 independent shops on site, so we make a lovely day out! We are located near Northwich, Frodsham, Chester, Winsford, Tarporley, Delamere, Knutsford, Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Wilmslow, Congleton, Crewe, Middlewich, Nantwich, Warrington, Runcorn, Helsby, Norley, Weaverham and Kingsley. Whether you are looking for a pet shop, a specialist in dogs, cats, or wildlife, a dog shop, cat shop, wildlife shop, pet store, dog store, cat store or wildlife store, we are the best shop for you. The brands we sell include, Eden dog food, Canagan dog food, Natural Instinct raw food, Symply dog food, Lilly’s Kitchen, Anco, Alfie & Molly’s treats, Farm Foods Rawhide, Natures Menu treats, Feelwells treats, Pooch & Mutt treats, Billy & Margot treats, Frozzys iced treats, frozen yoghurt for dogs, Thrive treats, The Innocent Cat treats, Pupcakes, Beco, House of Paws, Kong, Durafoam, Wahl, Hawkins Organic, Shampoo, Hownd Shampoo, PoopPot, Flexi, RAC, Long Paws, Nina Ottosson, Buster, Dog Gone Smart, Catch, Da Bird, Van Ness, Rogz, Ancol, Catsan, Feliway, Adaptil, Clix, Company of Animals, Sweetpea & Boo Collars, Millie & Bailey Collars, Saltdog Studios Collars, Chow Bella hand-thrown bowls, Halti, CosyDog fleece harnesses, Vine House Farm Bird Seed, Wildlife World, Tom Chambers, CJ Wildlife, Alan Titchmarsh, Wild Things, and Rosewood. The products we sell are for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and wildlife. Products we sell include, dog food, dog chews, dog treats, dog toys,

dog beds, dog games, dog shampoo, dog grooming, dog brushes, cat food, cat treats, cat toys, cat games, cat grooming, cat beds, cat scratch posts, wild bird seed, wild bird food, badger food, fox food, duck food, swan food, hedgehog food, hedgehog homes, bird boxes, bat boxes, frog homes, toad homes, insect hotels, bug hotels, bee hotels, bee hives, pollinating insect home, butterfly feeder and bird feeders. The pet supplies that we sell are handmade, ethical, British or UK made and quality. We offer free food samples, free harness fitting, free collar fitting, free parking, carry to car service, customer ordering, online shopping, click and collect services, free nutritional advice, raw food, dry food and wet food. We have dog walks, and a dog friendly shop, with dogs welcome. We also offer tail mail, a monthly subscription box for dogs, a quality subscription box for dogs, ethical subscription box for dogs, dog food subscription, dog food subscription delivery, dog selection box, a bespoke dog subscription, a bespoke dog delivery, a bespoke dog box, that is customisable, tailored to your dog, and is available for a year, a month, and monthly.


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